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The Disciple’s Journey

The Disciple’s Journey

Jim Putman’s newest workbook, The Disciple’s Journey, is a practical guidebook to help you on the most important journey of your life – the journey of becoming and living as a disciple of Jesus. Using the lens of Ephesians, this 12-week study takes the message, method, and commission of Jesus as delivered in the 1st Century Church, and maps it out for all areas of our lives in the 21st Century.

This workbook utilizes Biblical principles viewed through the simple analogies and language developed and implemented within the culture of Real Life Ministries. It is filled with tested and true application of Jesus’s method of Relational Discipleship lived out in community within a body of believers, demonstrating what the Church can look like when disciples of Jesus follow the journey laid out for them.

Each of the 12 weeks has 5 daily sessions that will walk the user through Biblical truths about being a disciple of Jesus. The daily review questions are designed to encourage self-evaluation and give practical steps to put into action what they are learning in their different spheres.

Whether you go through this workbook on your own or with a group, it will change the way you view and walk through all of the spheres of your life, aligning them to your identity as a disciple of Jesus.

You can pre-order the Kindle version today and get started mapping out the most important journey you will ever take.

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