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The Greatest (Easter 2022)

Jesus often spoke about the Kingdom of God. He said God’s Kingdom is different from any nation or kingdom of this world. In this new series, we are looking at some of the greatest concepts and events discussed in God’s Word that make His kingdom different from any other. Come join us as we embrace the contrast of what we experience in our daily lives and what we could experience being a part of the Kingdom of God.
Here is a list of some other resources Jim recommends for Christian Evidences:
Evidence that Demands a Verdict – Josh Mcdowell
More than a Carpenter—Josh Mcdowell, Sean Mcdowell
Sean Mcdowell–  Apologetics for a New Generation
The Case for a Creator– The case for Christ –Lee Strobel
The case for a Creator—Lee Strobel
I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist and Stealing from God –Frank Turek
Forensic Faith, Cold Case Christianity—Person of Interest –J Warner Wallace
If God, Why Evil? Norma L Geisler
Why do Bad things happen if God is good –Ron Rhodes
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus Gary Habermasand Michael Licona
Video –Expelled Documentary (Ben Stein)
Below are some resources that may be helpful to you during this series and the easter season:

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