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A Holy Nation

This new series will shed light on the number of voices in our culture currently telling us what is most important for us as a nation. While we care about these topics because we are Americans, the Bible makes it clear that we have an even greater allegiance – to God and His Kingdom. Join us as we look at what God says about being A Holy Nation, and with that in mind, how we are supposed to engage with our culture and the people around us.


Week Three: To Declare His Praises


  • Article on how the practice of gratitude changes our brains and therefore our lives for the better

( http://bit.ly/3zKB0ED )


  • Book, Thriving in Babylon, by Larry Osborn – about the life of Daniel, an exile in a godless culture, living a life of faithfulness and great impact for God’s purposes


  • Book/Digital PDF by David Platt, Before You Vote: Seven Questions Every Christian Should Ask – helps us have a bigger and biblical perspective