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What Does The Bible Say About Interacting With The LGBTQ+ Community? Podcast

Jim Putman – Senior Pastor at Real Life Ministries, and Lance Wigton, Communications Director at Real Life Ministries, come together in this episode to talk about the LGBTQ+ Community, and how Jesus would interacted with them.   You can listen to the audio version of this episode below: To watch the video version click the […]

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast: Season 2 Episode 2 – Lead Like A Shepherd

This month on the Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast, our host Chris Short sits down with Fred Bosse’ (Groups Team Leader – Post Falls Campus) and Christian Putman (Groups Pastor – CDA Campus) to talk about how often, and why, the Bible refers to leaders as shepherds, and what does that mean to us today? […]

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Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 10: FAQ’s

In this, our tenth episode of the Groups Leadership Podcast, Chris Short: Real Life Executive Pastor is joined once again by Sara Short from our Women’s Discipleship Team with the Post Falls Campus – and Evan Meske one of our Groups Pastors, also with our Post Falls Campus. This trio of friends (two are spouses […]

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How Do You Make Time For Discipleship? With Jim Putman: Episode 5

Real Discipleship – For Real People – In Real Life Jim Putman and Lance Wigton discuss finding, or making, time in your life for discipleship. How much time will it really take to disciple someone? What things should come first in our lives according to God’s view? What are some things we could/should move to […]

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What Is A Disciple? Podcast with Jim Putman

Welcome to The Real Life Discipleship Podcast! In this episode Jim Putman and Lance Wigton discuss the definition of a disciple according to Jesus. They also touch on the qualifications required to be a disciple, and what discipleship looks like. A mature disciple loves God and love others. It doesn’t mean you are perfect or […]

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How To Identify And Win Back The Prodigals In Your Life

In the podcast below my dad and I talk about our latest book, Hope for the Prodigal. It is a subject that is very close to the heart of my family as we have lived out the story of the Prodigal son for 3 generations now. It is also an important topic in a time […]

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You Are A Disciple: Episode 1

I am excited to share with you this first episode of The Real Life Ministries Discipleship Podcast. In this podcast we will be discussing all things discipleship. We want to address some of the issues around being and making disciples that people struggle with, but may not want to ask for help in. Those issues […]

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Where Does Discipleship Happen? Episode 3

In this episode of the podcast, Lance Wigton (Communications Director at Real Life Ministries) talks with Jim Putman about where discipleship takes place. They discuss Jim’s ‘Crockpot’ analogy for how he checks on people to see when they are ready to take the next step in growth.

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Helping Your Disciple Take The Next Step: Episode 4

In this episode of The Real Life Discipleship Podcast, Lance Wigton, Communication Director at Real Life Ministries, leads Jim Putman through a discussion on helping your disciple take the next step. They address: What are the signs you should watch for in the character and attitudes of the people you are leading that will alert […]

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How To Disciple In Your Community: Episode 6

In this weeks podcast, Lance Wigton, Real Life Ministries Communication Pastor talks with Rex Lettau, Real Life Ministries Benevolence and Lifelines Pastor, about taking discipleship outside of your building and into your community. Rex discusses how he is leading a team to do this on an organizational level, and how you can and should do […]

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