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Emotional Awareness

Is This Church too Big? RFL Episode 1

Sometimes people who visit Real Life Ministries walk away with the comment – “I think this church is too big”. Communications Director Lance Wigton and Senior Pastor Jim Putman address this topic and talk about what the church actually is and what the Bible says it should look like. Reallifeministries.com Have questions? [email protected]

Emotional Awareness

How To Speak Middle School: RFL Episode 2

In this episode of the Real for Life Podcast, Lance Wigton has a conversation with Real Life Lead Youth Pastor Heath Fagen and Lead Team Member Riley Couch. They give a close up look at the life of a Middle Schooler – their biggest strengths, the things they value, and how an older generation can […]

Emotional Awareness

Why does Real Life Ministries have Multiple Campuses? RFL Episode 5

Real Life Ministries is one church with 3, soon to be 4, locations. In this episode of the podcast, Senior Pastor Jim Putman and Communications Director Lance Wigton talk about the philosophy that led them away from a mega-church model towards a multi-campus site. They also announce the site of their next campus – due […]

Emotional Awareness

How To Have A Marriage That’s Built To Last: RFL Episode 6

This week Lance interviews power couple Chris and Sara Short about what it looks like to have a marriage that is built according to God’s design. Some of the things they discuss include: What does God’s design for marriage look like? What does a quarantine do to a relationship? What happens when you drop a […]

Real For Life

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Part 4

In this last podcast of the series, Lance once agains sits down with Beth Koep to talk about emotional intelligence and the importance it plays in relationships. They will be talking about what it looks like when our bodies are responding to and reflecting our emotions. They also cover the following topics: What happens when […]

Emotional Awareness

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Part 3

What’s It Like to be in Relationship with Me? Ep. 3 Lance Wigton is back with counselor Beth Koep for part three of our series on Emotional Intelligence.In this episode Beth leads out with the 10 primary emotions that we experience, and the balance we need to find between Emotion and Reason. Naming/Identifying your emotions […]

Emotional Awareness

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Part 2

Lance Wigton and Beth Koep are back – and in this episode, they break down what it looks like when our Core Values are challenged. Lance shares his experience with doing the homework Beth had assigned during Ep. 1 – asking the people around him what they believed his values were. He did not get […]

Emotional Awareness

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Part 1

Subscribe by clicking the links below! Podbean – Real for Life     Apple Podcasts – Real for Life YouTube – Real for Life   Lance Wigton, Communications Director at Real Life Ministries is back again with Beth Koep, Counselor, in episode 1 of a new series we are calling: “What is it like to be […]

Emotional Awareness

How To Engage With Other Cultures Without Putting Your Foot In Your Mouth

In this episode of the Real For Life podcast, Lance Wigton speaks with Real Life’s International Discipleship Team members Dave Campbell and Paul Byrns. They discuss the ins and outs of engaging in conversation and relationship with people from culture that is different from your own. This is an important ability when we are trying […]

Emotional Awareness

What Is Emotional Intelligence And Why Do I Need It?

Subscribe to this podcast by clicking one of the links below! Podbean – Real for Life     Apple Podcasts – Real for Life YouTube – Real for Life This week on the Real for Life podcast we are talking about Emotional Intelligence. Lance Wigton is joined by long time Real Life member Beth Koep, who […]

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The Church Sphere Resources

This is the Body of Christ, our Spiritual family that encompasses all that Jesus intended for His Church, and what was modeled by the first disciples in the book of Acts. This includes being devoted to teaching, to fellowship and to prayer. Taking communion together, meeting in large and small groups, giving to the Lord’s […]

Emotional Awareness

What Does An Egg Hunt Have To Do With Easter?

On this podcast Jim Putman, Senior Pastor at Real Life Ministries and Lance Wigton, Communication Director at Real Life Ministries, answer an often asked question – “Why would a church do an egg hunt for Easter?” They talk about the fact that even though we know Bunnies and eggs have nothing to do with celebrating […]



God has given us the concept of seasons to celebrate. They’re reminders of who we are and what He has done for us. They’re a time for rest and to connect with people with a common view of life. Christmas is a season of reflection, remembrances, rest, and connection. In our culture, the enemy seeks […]

one faith body family

One: Week 2

There are three truths that are essential that we must believe and live out when it comes to being the “Family of God.” TRUTH #1: GOD ADOPTS US INTO HIS FAMILY-WE DON’T ADOPT HIM INTO OURS. Definition of Adoption: “the action or fact of legally taking another’s child and bringing it up as one’s own, […]

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